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After a hefty bunch of all-nighters and dizzy mornings with strong coffee, we're finally up and running.  The webshop had a long list of todos and designing an enjoyable ordering/shipping experience had some action movie twists and figuring out to do. We finally got what we wanted, and the packaging is now eco-friendly, shipped in bubble wrapped envelopes and still fits through standard European letterboxes!

We also wanted to bring in more payment options, as we know that not everyone (almost everyone) in the world has a Paypal account. We're currently using Stripe for the major credit cards and Checkout Finland for local bank and partial-payment options.


Aadra Collection payment options with Checkout Finland

Some of the amazing influencers from Europe also joined in our Launch Campaign and they have been having fun with our earrings throughout the day! We are currently running a couple of campaign contests so check them out if you want to win a pair of our pieces!

Go check out the amazing people we're working with on instagram:


Maiju Markkanen with Aadra Flame Orange Statement earringsInstagram user @pinnchie with Aadra Arrow Gold EarringsInstagram photo of Hennica Halme wearing Aadra Collection Joy somber black earringsInstagram user tanjakoivisto wearing Aadra Collection Arrow Somber Black earrings


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