Great choices should make you feel great.

We believe environmentally conscious decisions can be as easy as putting on your favourite accessory. With ethical approach, eco-friendly materials and timeless designs we want to provide long lasting choices that take us towards a future without an expiration date.


Our quality

Design for the love of earth

Great designs endure time, use and yet they are easy to maintain. To achieve this we strive to find the manufacturers, materials and people who share our values.

Our earrings are made from Nordic wood, silver and made in Finland. We pack our products in FSC-Certified cardboard made in Denmark.


Aadra Collection Spring 2019 new designs collage


More than design

In every human being, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, perks of birth and life events lies a passion, a power and the potential for self-actualization, success and happiness. Aadra at it's core wants to represent the possibility for everyone to find their braveness and be more than they were yesterday. It's not only about equality, love and ethical values, but also a sense of inner strength through discovering your dreams and creating positive energy around you by fearlessly doing what you are passionate about.



Our Values 

We promise to:

Work our hardest in giving you more than just quality products.


Be a beacon of inspiration to those still trying to find their way.


Make responsible, environmentally conscious decision, take care of our customers and strive in doing things a bit better than we did yesterday.


Empower and support ethical choices and working towards a sustainable future both in fashion and life.


Give our every effort to fight climate change and think of nature in our manufacturing.