Arrow - Gold

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One Tree Stamp
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It's that weekend when you notice you have nothing to go with the new amazing dress you got. Cancel everything, turn off you phone and go on a netflix binge with ice cream instead?

Or you might be secretly a superhero, and it's okay, we wont tell anyone. Fighting crime in a dark alley is hard work, and while that shiny golden cape will get you noticed, our earrings will do well with that alter ego outfit.

With an internationally loved design, the Arrow stands tall as an encouragement of forming authentic friendships, looking out for each other and fighting fearlessly for your dreams.

Buy as a gift to someone you know has superpowers, or for yourself to that event where you really need to show and shine.

Product details:

  • Hooks: Silver
  • Wood: Birch
  • Paint: Gold - 2 layers
  • Made in Scandinavia
  • Dimensions: 53 x 30 mm
  • Packaging: Eco-friendly
  • Shipping: Free shipping to Europe. As little shipping fees as possible to everywhere else.

The packaging is designed so that it fits through standard European letterboxes.

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